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Land Use

We advise municipalities on a broad range of issues, including land use and zoning, environmental, public finance, tax, contracts, labor and employment, rule making, and litigation. We represent hundreds of public entities, including states, cities, counties, towns, villages, school districts, water districts, economic development agencies, and municipal utilities.

Many of our attorneys have served in municipal governments, and they understand that public officials face all of the complex business and legal issues of the private sector, as well as others that are unique to governments.

Our attorneys also serve as special counsel to municipalities, who rely upon them to draft, enforce or ensure boards’ compliance with applicable land use laws and regulations. Our attorneys advise municipal clients on the full spectrum of environmental issues arising from land use and development, solid waste management, resource recovery and recycling.

We are often asked to develop or modify proposed ordinances, local laws, zoning codes, comprehensive planning documents for municipal action, and we also have substantial experience in defending municipalities in “Article 78” special proceedings challenging the determinations of their public boards and officers.